Linking Words Agreement

Linking Words Agreement: A Key Element of Effective Writing

Linking words or transitional words are essential in writing. They help create coherence, coherence, and continuity in your text. It is essential to use them correctly to convey your message accurately and efficiently. However, did you know that linking word agreement is just as crucial as using them? In this article, we will discuss what linking word agreement is and why it`s important.

What is Linking Word Agreement?

Linking word agreement refers to the use of a linking word that correctly matches the grammatical structure of the sentence. The linking word must agree with the number, gender, and person of the subject and verb in the sentence. For example, if your subject is singular, your linking word must be singular too.

Incorrect: The team, and their coach, is excited to play tomorrow.

Correct: The team, and its coach, are excited to play tomorrow.

Why is Linking Word Agreement Important?

Using linking words correctly improves the readability and clarity of your text. It helps the reader to follow your train of thought and understand your message. However, incorrect linking word agreement can result in awkward sentences that are difficult to understand. Furthermore, it can make your text appear unprofessional and result in a lack of credibility.

Incorrect: The kitchen in my house is big and its located near the living room.

Correct: The kitchen in my house is big and is located near the living room.

How to Use Linking Words Correctly

Here are some tips on how to use linking words correctly:

1. Identify the subject and verb in your sentence.

2. Determine the number, gender, and person of the subject and verb.

3. Choose a linking word that agrees with the subject and verb.

4. Place the linking word in the correct position in the sentence.

5. Read your sentence aloud to ensure that it sounds natural and is easy to understand.

Examples of Linking Words and their Agreement

Here are some examples of linking words and their agreement:

1. And – The cat and the dog are sleeping.

2. Or – Do you want coffee or tea?

3. But – I want to go out, but it`s raining outside.

4. Because – I am studying hard because I want to get good grades.


Linking word agreement is essential in effective writing. It ensures that your text is clear, professional, and easy to understand. By following the simple rules outlined in this article, you can improve the quality of your writing and communicate your message effectively. So, always remember to use linking words correctly and in agreement with the subject and verb in your sentence.